LS4SY  SYREN L42 Sporting 12ga 28" or 30" Barrel

Syren L4S Ladies Sporting Clays Gun 12ga 28” or 30” Barrel
Stock Measurements Designed for the Female Shooter.
Stainless Steel Piston, Tribore HP Barrel, % Exis HP Choke Tubes,
Turkish Walnut Stock with Triwood Finish, Black Receiver, Hard Gun Case



FA03510   SYREN XLR5  12 gauge, 28” 

FA03520   SYREN XLR5  12 gauge, 30”

Syren Tempio Sporting for Women

The Syren Tempio Sporting was created to be the perfect target shotgun for everyone from beginners up to the top echelon of competitors.  To make the gun handle and balance well, we have incorporated a lightweight set of barrels.We have created a shotgun that will fit the average female shooter better than ever before. We modified every aspect of the stock, not only to make the shotgun fit better, but to also reduce felt recoil.



FA04115    SYREN ELOS Sporting 12 gauge, 30"

Some have expressed an interest in a shotgun with outstanding performance and aesthetics, proper fit and balance, at a value price.
The first thing you will notice about the Syren Elos Sporting is the clean lines and understated elegance. The deeply blued receiver features a distinctive floral engraving offset by the contrast gold embellishments like the unique Syren S-wings on the trigger guard. Next you will notice the beautiful Turkish Walnut stock that has been enhanced by a proprietary TRIWOOD™ finish.
Included are 5 EXIS HP™ hyperbolic choke tubes and the TRIBORE HP™ barrels for the ultimate in ballistic performance. Backed by a five-year warranty and industry leading service, the Syren Elos Sporting is an unbeatable valu

Syren XLR5 Sporting for Women

How do you solve the age old dilemma recoil?  This problem has plagued many female shooters. The solution is to create a system that allows the gun to be light and responsive while drastically reducing recoil. That is exactly what the SYREN XLR5 Sporter accomplishes. The XLR5 one of the softest shooting target guns available.


A2M136   SYREN Tempio Sporting 12 gauge, 28”
A2M146   SYREN Tempio Sporting 12 gauge, 30”
A2M333   SYREN Tempio Sporting 20 gauge, 28”
A2M346   SYREN Tempio Sporting 20 gauge, 30”


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